Step 1: Setup the key file

  • Launch FileZilla
  • Go to Edit (Preferences) > Settings > Connection > SFTP.
  • Click “Add key file”.
  • Browse to the location of the .pem file and select it.

— Step 2: Add the site to the Site Manager

  • Go to File > Site Manager
  • Add a new site with the following parameters: Host: The Public DNS name of the instance Protocol: SFTP Logon Type: Normal User: ec2-user Pass: leave blank Advanced > Default remote directory: /var/www/dev

— If your file transfers fail:

SSH into the instance, run command
sudo su
then run this
chown -R apache:vpsusers /var/www/html
chmod -R g+ws /var/www/html
chown -R apache:vpsusers /var/www/dev/
chmod -R g+ws /var/www/dev/
Depending on the folder you’re working with

Setup Group Permissions so that WP can update

sudo su
groupadd vpsusers
gpasswd -a apache vpsusers
gpasswd -a ec2-user vpsusers
And then make that group the group owner of the directory:
chown -R apache:vpsusers /var/www/html
And finally, make that group writeable
chmod -R g+ws /var/www/html

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