For new sites:

This plugin is used to automatically upload all media files to AWS S3.

  • The settings should be:

Bucket: sfdev-bucket Copy files to S3: ON Rewrite File URLs: ON Cloud front or Custom Domain: OFF Path: <SITE NAME>/wp-content/uploads Year/Month: ON Force HTTPS: ON Remove Files From Server: OFF (ON conflicts with Jupiter) Object Versioning: OFF

  • For the access keys add these two lines immediately below the define(‘wp_debug’)…; in the wp-config.php file:
    define( 'DBI_AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY', 'oJqvPk6OYio8xlh15wg8/aB6EES4w37T+bhh86xZ' );
  • To upload existing files use the WP-CLI command:
    wp media regenerate

This plugin is required when using the WP Offload S3 Lite plugin. There is no configuration, it just needs to be activated.


For migration:

Use this plugin combine with the above plugin to migrate all images to the S3 bucket.

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